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Welcome to the site!

Now on Digital Ocean! This doesn't mean too much for using the site, but it means I can get past some roadblocks I was hitting with my old host

Created by Josh Gribbon during Summer 2015.

If this is your first time here, sorry about the popup, gotta pay for the site. I made this as a combination of two things I made- a site to host course info, books, and old tests that I made at the end of my first semester; and a course scheduler tool I made during the Summer of 2015. The site is made with python and flask. Flask basically uses python to make web pages and communicate with the code for the scheduler.

If you want to help out:
- Send me course info, books, or tests
- Contribute on github
- Donate to help pay to host the site

If you decide to hack the site somehow:
- Please don't be destructive
- Tell me what you did so I can fix it

Overview of the site


Where you are right now.


Info on various courses here. Usually info on the lecture, recitation, homework, exams, and final. Also resources for the course, like the textbook or if you need an online resource.


Enter how many courses you want to schedule, what the courses are, then see all the possible schedules you can have.


Use paypal or bitcoin to send money :D